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PGH Brewtal Beer Fest @ Spirit



�General Admission 4PM-9PM : $36 - Beer / Music / Entry to win a Bass fromBeardly Customss
�VIP Admissions 3PM-9PM : $55 - Beer / Music / Entry to win a Bass froBeardly Customsms / Food Voucher / Event Shirt / Extra Band & Extra Hour of Partying!

Winner receives a CUSTOM WWE Style Belt to Rep all year long! Both the Brewery & Band will receive a belt that includes our Logo & all our sponsors!

About the Fest!
Music and beer go together just as well as peas & carrots. Okay, fuck that corny comparison. Let's just say, they go together well. Many brewers are fans of alternative and heavy music, and many musicians, well, love beer. Both industries are always up against larger syndicates who often dictate what our audiences see and consume. Which fuels the work we produce in an artfully craft driven way. What I'm really saying is that we like to give our middle finger to the status quo and do our own thing! Yeah, UP THE PUNX! 

Okay, Okay... I think you get my point. Let's dive into what PGH Brewtal Beer Fest is. 
A.) Beer Fest
B.) Music Fest
C.) Uhm... yeah that's it.

We are bringing together FOUR local Breweries and FOUR local bands to create FOUR one of a kind beers that you can find ONLY at this festival. Of course, there will be plenty of other beer from some of our favorite local metal head brewers. Check out the bands we have lined up!
General Ticket Sales have officially started!

Our goal for PGH Brewtal Fest! was to create an affordable, unique beer festival that would appeal to a wide and possibly new audience. So we are readjusting and responding to some concerns, and suggestions. Ultimately, this is all a good thing!

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