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Banny Grove (LA)/In Arthur's Court/Actorcop

Show begins at 7 sharp!
BYOB, must show ID if you are drinking
5 - 10 dollars please!

Banny Grove, super-diva from Los Angeles and Nicey Music (Mega Bog, Grape Room) will be perfroming in the glam-clown idiom. A special gift to the residents of Pittsburgh who are - or wish to be - 'in the know'.

In Arthur's Court - authentic conjuration of the moods and sounds of a bygone time. featuring Robyn Lynnelle Peterson and maybe Dirk Bug? (as seen at the "Yule Ball")

Actorcop - former actor, former cop uses music and "free-expression" to deal with the shameful work he is responsible for in both professions. (Vocalist for Radon Chong)