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Good Morning Bedlam/Ferdinand the Bull/Nameless in August

Good Morning Bedlam is performing at Black Forge Coffee with Ferdinand the Bull and Nameless in August!

Good Morning Bedlam's show is an explosion of energy with soaring harmonies, a banjo player that scissor-kicks in the air, a string bass that will shake your chest, and a beat that will have your foot stomping through the floor. Every song is a unique twist on what is generally dubbed as folk music. One moment they are blasting through a jubilant bluegrass tune, headbanging and careening around the stage, and in the next, Sophia, their fiddler is dancing the Charleston during what can only be described as a modern folk swing dance song.

Pittsburgh is a town built on the American dream. Our grandparents wereamong the legions of blue collar workers that worked the long hours in the steel mills, and laid a foundation of a brand of people unafraid to get their hands dirty. In the wake of the collapse of the once-booming steel mills, Pittsburgh has reinvented itself as a hub for technology, education, and innovation. As the face of the city has evolved, the Pittsburghers' tradition, work ethic, and quest for continuous improvement has only grown stronger. Fewer musical acts encompass the young heart of old-school Pittsburgh as completely as Ferdinand the Bull.

Nameless in August is a folk rock quartet hailing from Pittsburgh featuring banjo, electric bass, acoustics & harmonies. The central focus of NiA has always been an attention to songwriting and arrangement, aiming to bring their music to life through an energetic and sincere live show.

All Ages | $5 | 7pm

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