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Thank you for checking out our first Black Forge news update!

This first one is gonna be a doozy, so strap in and get ready to read! We have tons of news and announcements for our first update and we’re not even including our biggest announcement to date!

Without further adieu:


Black Forge Coffee House has started working with an amazing coffee roaster named Tyler Hipchen. With Tyler joining our team we’re able to start introducing new roasts and blends to all of you!

Don’t worry, we’re still working with Zeke’s Coffee! They will continue to provide our Lightbearer Blend and our 6-Demon Blend, Those roasts are going nowhere and we will continue to have them as long as Zeke’s continues to roast them for us.
Who is Tyler? Tyler is the head roaster at Allegheny Coffee Co., Some of you may have heard of them, some of you might not care. Let’s just say they are awesome and we really appreciate them being so kind to us while we make this transition from sourcing all of our coffee out off house to full-blown in-house roasting!

You might be asking why we said “sorta” in the headline...Tyler, being the amazing versatile roaster that he is, is currently doing all of the Black Forge coffee roastings at Allegheny Coffee Co. on their roaster. So Technically we’re not roasting our coffee in house...yet!

So the way we are going to handle introducing our new roasts and blends to all of you beautiful people is through something we’re calling the Black Forge Scratch Series. As we try out new roasts and blends we are going to be releasing limited quantities of different scratch roasts and blends. Currently, we have a Guatemalan Medium Roast, a Tanzanian Dark Roast, two brand new Espresso roast blends, and soon we’ll be introducing a new coffee blend. Once we get our very own roaster and we decide what roasts and blends we like the most, we’ll give them official names and get some super sweet graphics made for them, in the meantime we want your feedback! Let us know what you think of the new Scratch Roast series, Should we keep them, should we tweak them, or should we get rid of them and start over?

We can’t wait for you to try the new roasts, we have a ton of fun plans for our new roasting abilities including partnering with breweries and putting out some more Black Forge collab beers, working with different artists and musicians, and a whole bunch of other stuff!

Here’s a sneak peek of what the Scratch Series labels will look like


Sometimes you just get lucky and you open a black metal themed coffee shop right down the street from the practice space of one of the biggest metal bands in the world right now. Over the past few years that Black Forge has been open we’ve gotten to know the amazing members of Code Orange and when we found out they were planning an epic homecoming show on June 1st at Mr. Smalls (get your tickets here) Our gears started turning. We got our brand new master roaster working on a mighty roast that was created specifically for mighty metal friends. In celebration of their upcoming album, the roast has been titled The New Reality Roast. It will be available at Black Forge up until right before doors open for their homecoming show, after that, we’re handing the roast off to the band and they will be selling it from now on. A few things of note; We created a unique label design for the first 40 pounds that we are selling out of our cafe, We also took a bunch of tickets to their June 1st show at Mr. Smalls and hid them inside some random bags. So if you want a chance to try the brand new Code Orange coffee and get into their show for free, stop in before they’re all gone!


That’s right! Black Forge is making lists again, this time for something you would never expect: 12 Brand New Places for Brunch in Pittsburgh! That’s right, added us to their list of new places to go for brunch! We’ve been working really hard to partner with food pop-ups to bring a new one in every Saturday Morning! You can check out the article here →

You can check out the current brunch schedule for June below

Brunch at Black Forge


Black Forge will be hosting a yard sale. We’re clearing out all of the old merchandise that’s been stacking up over the past few years and making room for all brand new merch! T-shirts, stickers, hats, hoodies, you name it and we’re going to make it! We’re also going to be selling off some of the rare one-off merch items that we held on to from all the different collaborations, unique events, and vending events we did. We might even throw in an old Mouse Trap board game set missing that one specific mechanism that makes the whole mousetrap contraption work, but hey, it will only be $.25! We can’t announce the date for the Black Forge Yard sale just yet, but keep an eye out, a very special date is just around the corner.


Black Forge Coffee House has been nominated for BEST COFFEEHOUSE, BEST GALLERY FOR LOCAL ARTISTS, BEST LOCAL MUSIC VENUE, BEST PLACE TO SEE A LOCAL BAND, and BEST OPEN MIC NIGHT in the City Paper Best Of Reader’s Poll! Holy %@#!, Thank you so much for nominating us in all these categories! Now we need all of your help to actually win! If you haven’t already voted and you have a few free minutes, please follow the LINK HERE and cast some votes.
We are aware that there has been some controversy around the city paper lately and if you choose not to support the city paper than we completely understand and we won't be offended if you choose to abstain from the voting process, as for the rest of you, thank you SO MUCH for taking some time out of your day to help us out! Seriously, winning these awards really help us out. June 17th is the final voting day. We reach so many new customers with these awards. When we won Best Coffee House 2017 we saw a big spike in foot traffic for a good solid month.

Some of you may not be familiar with Pittsburgh businesses and influencers. Might we offer a few suggestions for the other categories that we weren’t nominated in:

If you see these names give em' a vote, they’re some of our friends!

Onion Maiden
Brewtal Beer Fest
Code Orange
Phat Man Dee
Kelly’s Bar Lounge
Rick Sebak
Drinking Partners

If we didn’t mention your name or business we’re very sorry. We’re not trying to play favorites! We know so many people and this list would take up all of this post if we listed everyone!

Can we get a little personal for a moment? Is that okay? If you don't care about our lives or our feelings than go ahead and skip to the next headline (jerk). For those of you that stuck around, here’s a little peek behind the scenes of Black Forge: The owners of Black Forge have been busting their butts to try and do something really big for Black Forge and the communities they interact with, like really REALLY big and it seems like everytime they seek support (money) from those that are in a position to give them some (banks) they get turned down, no matter how hard they try, no matter how much time and effort they put in, and no matter how many hoops they jump through, the twinky at the end of the string is always pulled away just before they grab it. We tell you that bit of info to ask you this; please help Black Forge Coffee House win some of these awards so we can shove it down the throats of every pretentions suit-wearing corporate scumbag that has gotten between Black Forge and our dreams of world domination!! We would love to be able to hold these awards in the faces of these dirtbags and say “See, the people believe in us, what’s your f#@!ing deal?!”

Okay, that’s the end of us being petty and vindictive, onto more happy news!


We’ll be at some fun events this year selling tasty coffee drinks and merch. Look for us and come say hi!

June 3rd - The Drunken Flea - Ruggers Pub

….actually, that’s all we can announce right now. We have a bunch of other things lined up, but none of them have been announced to the public yet and we’re not about to spill the beans. Come see us at Ruggers this Sunday, it’s their first time doing this, lets help make it successful!


Black Forge Presents

You may have seen some shows happening around Pittsburgh with the promotional company Black Forge Presents attached to them, THAT’S US! We recently launched a talent buying & promotional company called Black Forge Presents. We did this for a few reasons,
1. We love live music and we wanted to bring more of it to our coffee shop and to Pittsburgh in general, running this promotional company makes that possible.
2. We wanted to book bands at other venues, now we can do that too!

We have a lot of plans for Black Forge Presents including bringing some really big name bands to Pittsburgh and launching a new project we’re tentatively calling the “Junior promoters project”. More on that in the future, for now, go follow all the new Black Forge Presents social medias ---> || IG: @bfpresents


We’re re-doing our online store in preparation for the yard sale and for all the new coffee we’re going to be selling. So this is your last call to order any t-shirts, stickers, pins, etc.. from our webstore, when it changes it’s just going to be coffee and coffee mugs until we launch all of our new merch. Go peruse →


Friday, June 9th there will be a new art exhibit opening at Black Forge! This exhibit will feature the work of the Wicked Pittsburgh Art Collective. We really like working with this group because they always donate a portion of their proceeds to a local Pittsburgh based charity and they always bring amazing artwork to hang. It’s such an honor to host the work they bring. If you’re free next Friday, it should be a fun one! Check out the event flyer below!

Wicked Pittsburgh Records


Check it out! The sega game that we collaborated on with MegaCat Studios is now available on STEAM!!! That’s right nerds, you can download and play that ish on your computers! Did we mention that the graphics were updated and they added to the story line? New music and new playable characters, we don’t want to leak anything that isn’t fully confirmed, but the new potential playable characters come from a band and that band name rhymes with mile! There’s more new characters coming to the game but MegaCat might kill us off in the story line if we give away too much.

We’re working on a fun new coffee promotion for the game and pretty soon you’ll be able to buy a brand new coffee blend that will have a purchase code attached to it. That’s right, we’re packaging steam games in with coffee! You can still buy a physical copy with the cartridge directly through us, either at our brick and mortar or on our web store, but soon you’ll be able game while your coffee brews. Keep an eye out for some fun announcements coming up with Coffee Crisis.


Black Forge’s cafe has been acquiring some new products recently, and we think you should try them.

Guayaki Yerba Mate - a delicious slightly sweetened & flavored canned Yerba Mate that’s kept cold. This stuff has a kick and will keep you going all day!

Barnana - an awesome gluten-free snack that consists of mushed up bananas covered in chocolate, coconut, or peanut butter.
Plantain chips from Barnana - 2 flavors, Lime and Sea Salt
Health-ade Kombucha - A delicious Kombucha that comes in 3 different flavors, Cayenne Cleanse, Pink Lady Apple, and Ginger Lemon.


That’s right folks, we’ve been hard at work putting together a brand new menu for the spring and summer months of 2018. We’re really excited about this new menu and we should be releasing it in the next week or so. Definitely keep an eye out for that announcement!


We’re going to be making a heckin’ lot of big announcements soon so please, follow our social media pages, GHULLL! These email newsletters are going to come out far less than our goofy pictures that we post every day on Instagram! It’s best to pay more attention to them.

Instagram: @blackforgepgh

Twitter: @blackforgepgh

We will be sending out secret info through our newsletter from time to time. Stuff like early show announcements, exclusive coffee releases, promo codes, store coupons, and more! We know that email newsletters can be annoying to get but we are going to try our best to make them worth it to you to read. Follow this link here and sign up! It will be worth it!


We’re supposed to hint at what the upcoming announcement is here, but we’ll just say this, It’s gonna be big and if things work out the way we want them, there’s going to be an even bigger announcement coming after the already really big announcement that we’re talking about right now! So stay tuned!!!

That concludes this brief Black Forge interuption, now back to your regularly scheduled internet programing.

Until next time!
Black Forge Coffee House


If you’re reading this, you are amazing!!! Thank you so much for caring enough to read all of our news and updates! (hopefully you didn't just skip to the end to see the big announcement hints 😳)