Single Origin: Ethiopia


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Ethiopia Washed Yirgacheffe G1(GP)

Acidity: Above Average | Body: Above Average

Notes of: Orange | Lemon | Milk Chocolate

This coffee is sourced from the Chelchele washing station in the famed Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia. Chelchele carefully tracks
every lot through its production process with a unique identification number which allows the experts on staff to deliver a
considerable amount of information to each coffee’s producer. Coffee is dried for approximately 18 days to get the final product
to a moisture content of 11% before being prepared for export. Measurements are taken constantly to ensure even drying
throughout the lot.

1900 meters

Ethiopian Heirloom

Fully Washed

Raised beds

Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Grind Preference

Whole Bean, Coarse, Medium, Fine, Extra Fine, Turkish


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