12 ounces of our Tanzania roast. We can ship your Tanzania beans Whole, Coarse (for French Press, Percolator, Plunger Pot, or Vacuum Coffee Pots), Medium (for Drip Coffee Makers with Flat Bottom Filters), Fine (for Drip Coffee Makers with Cone Shaped Filters and/or Espresso Moka Pots), Extra Fine (for Espresso Machines (Pump and/or Steam), or Turkish (for Ibik Coffee Pots).

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Description: Peaberries are a kind of coffee seed that forms individually inside a cherry, as opposed to when the fruit typically develops two “flat” beans, which are larger and sit together like peanuts in a shell. The smaller, denser peaberries are thought to have a higher potency of flavor, and “peaberry plus” is a higher grade than the more standard peaberry lot.

Source: Tanzania

Varietals: Bourbon and Kent

Elevation: 979 meters

Processing Method: Fully Washed

Roast Profile: Medium

Notes: Peach, Orange, and Lime

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Weight 12 oz
Grind Preference

Whole Bean, Coarse, Medium, Fine, Extra Fine, Turkish


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